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All Ireland Finals

This years All Ireland Finals took place in Abbottstown NSC, Dublin, on the 18th of August our first final saw our current Mixed Champions The Heath, Laois take on Glynn/Barntown, Wexford. Both teams went all season without losing a game until today. The Laois side hit hard at the start, scoring 17 runs in the first two innings & conceded 5, which Glynn/Barntown never really recovered from. The Heaths James Kavanagh, hit a Home Run in the 5th innings, which ended up being the only one of the day. Wexfords Emma Reddy was the only player never put out, while team mate Dylan Whitty was top scorer for the game, also making five catches in LOF, one was mentioned as catch on the day. The Champs Tom Moore was named man of the match for his outstanding performance in COF, cacthing everything his way and drew as top scorer. The Heath made it two in a row, wining on a scoreline of 32-18

The same two clubs faced off in Ladies competition next. Glynn/Banrtown had revenge on their mind, with roles reversing. Our current CJ Haughey champs held The Heath scoreless for three of the seven innings, allowing no higher than two runs in the other four, due to some fine fielding from Ann Haley in Short Stop & Kiera Waters on second base, Ann was also top scorer for the game making the 100 meter sprint 4 times. The innings played out as follows, 6-0, 0-1, 1-2, 1-2, 3-0, 1-0, 3-1. Glynn/Barntown were crowned three in a row Senior Ladies All Ireland Champions.

Our last final paired two of the most dominant Men's teams in history, The Heath v Erne Eagles, Cavan. When these two teams met in preliminary round, Eagles won 15-14, so all was to play for. The first innings set the tone for the whole game, with both teams scoring four a piece and both winning 3 innings after. Bottom of the 7th, The Heath had two out, Eagles had the drawing run on third and wining run on second, Ulsters Hugh Briody stepped up to the plate, hitting a ball sky high, bringing Ollie Fitzimons home to win the game 16-15, bringing the Corn Aod Rua back to Mullahoran for an impressive 12th time. Cavans Michael Cullen had an impressive game on third base, catching some game changing hits. Tom Moore had another amazing game in COF, Tom was also the only player never put out.

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