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Senior Mixed


Game Week 1 20th March-2nd April Venue Date Time Result
Na Fianna Limekiln Johnstown Park 25th March 12:00 3-20
Clonaslee (w/o) Cuchulainn Clonaslee GAA 2nd April 13:30 w/o
Erne Eagles Breaffy Killoe GAA Resched G/W 4
Ballinagore Bagenalstown Ballinagore GAA 2nd April 14:30 10-21
Borris-in-(w/o) The Heath Borris-in-Ossory GAA 2nd April 10:00 w/o
Game Week 2 3rd April-16th April Venue Date Time Result
Cuchulainn Na Fianna Ballon GAA  9th April  13:00 35-4
Breaffy The Heath Ballyheane GAA 9th April 13:15 6-7
Clonaslee w/o Limekiln Clonaslee GAA N/A N/A w/o
Borris-in-Ossory Bagenalstown Borris-in-Ossory GAA 13th April 19:00 2-30
Erne Eagles Ballinagore Mullahoran GAA 16th April 16:00 31-11
Game Week 3     17th April-30th April  Venue Date Time Result
Breaffy Limekiln Galway C.O.E 23rd April 13:45 16-16
Cuchulainn Borris-in-Osso(w/o) Ballon GAA 23rd April 12:45 w/o
Na Fianna The Heath Na Fianna CLG 30th April 14:15 5-48
Ballinagore Clonaslee(w/o) Ballinagore GAA N/A N/A w/o
Erne Eagles(w/o) Bagenalstown Tymon Park 30th April 13:15 w/o
Game Week 4 1st May-14th May Venue Date Time Result
Erne Eagles Borris-in-Osso(w/o) Mullahoran GAA 13th May N/A w/o
Breaffy Erne Eagles Ballyheane GAA 14th May Resc GW7
The Heath Limekiln The Heath GAA 14th May 13:30 14-13
Bagenalstown Limekiln McGrath Park 5th May 19:15 14-11
Breaffy Cuchulainn Ballymahon GAA 7th May 12:30 14-14
Game Week 5 15th May-28th May Venue Date Time Result
Cuchulainn Limekiln Ballon GAA 21st May 13:00 5-8
The Heath Erne Eagles Donaghmoyne Rd  21st May 15:30 4-2
Breaffy Na Fianna Galway C.O.E 28th May Post poned
Breaffy Ballinagore Ballyheane GAA 21st May 16:30 32-5
Clonaslee Borris-in-Ossory Clonaslee GAA N/A N/A N/A
Game Week 6 29th May-11th June Venue Date Time Result
Limekiln Ballinagore Tymon Park 4th June 12:15 17-6
Erne Eagles Na Fianna Tymon Park 4th June 15:30 36-6
The Heath Bagenalstown The Heath GAA 2nd June 20:00 20-6
Ballinagore Borris-in-Ossory Ballinagore GAA N/A N/A N/A
The Heath Clonaslee The Heath GAA N/A N/A N/A
Game Week 7 12th June-25th June Venue Date Time Result
Erne Eagles Cuchulainn Na Fianna CLG 25th June 13:15 28-10
Borris-in-Ossory Breaffy The Heath GAA 25th June N/A N/A
Bagenalstown Clonaslee McGrath Park N/A N/A N/A
Breaffy Erne Eagles Roscommon Gaels 18th June 12:00 9-8
Breaffy Na Fianna Roscommon Gaels 18th June 13:00 34-6
Game Week 8 26th June-9th July Venue Date Time Result
Clonaslee Na Fianna The Heath GAA 2nd July N/A N/A
Breaffy Bagenalstown Ballinagore GAA 2nd July 13:15 13-7
Ballinagore Cuchulainn Ballinagore GAA 9th July 13:30 22-23
Na Fianna Borris-in-Ossory Na Fianna CLG N/A N/A N/A
Cuchulainn The Heath Ballon GAA 6th July 20:10 17-22
Game Week 9 10th July-23rd July Venue Date Time Result
Na Fianna Ballinagore Na Fianna CLG 25th July 20:00 15-8
Bagenalstown Cuchulainn  McGrath Park 20th July 19:30 15-10
Limekiln Erne Eagles Tymon Park 16th July 13:15 8-8
Breaffy Clonaslee Ml.Glaveys GAA N/A N/A N/A
Game Week 10 24th July-5th August Venue Date Time Result
Limekiln Borris-in-Ossory Tymon Park N/A N/A N/A
The Heath Ballinagore The Heath GAA 5th August    
Erne Eagles Clonaslee Dr.Hyde Park N/A N/A N/A
Bagenalstown Na Fianna McGrath Park      


W/O =  Walkover

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