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Congress 2018


Clár an La

1. Registration from 1.30pm

2. Fáilte


4. Roll & Apologies

5. Standing Orders

6. Minutes of Comhdháil Bliantúil 2017

7. Tuarascáil an Rúnaí

8. Tuarascáil  Cluichí  Rúnaí

9. Tuarascáil Féile Cluiche Corr

10. Oifigeach Caidrimh Phoiblì

11. Tuarascáil Fhorbhairt

12. Tuarascáil  an gCisteoir

13. Presidents Address

14. Declaration of Vacancies

15. Elections

16. Motions


Michael Dowling


Leas Uachtarán

Peter Lyons



Áine Dunne


Leas Rúnaí

Louise Darcy



Kevin Maher


Oifigeach  Poiblí

Chris Hughes


Oifigeach Traenáil

Pat  Barnaville



Liam Haverty



Caroline Winters



Michael Sheahan






Joe O’Donoghue





Oifigeach Leanaí

Mairéad Varley


CLG Liaison Officer

Gerry McGovern











Adamstown, Wexford



Bagenalstown, Carlow



Ballinagore, Westmeath



Barntown, Wexford



Breaffy, Mayo



Clonaslee, Laois



Cuchulainn, Carlow



Erne Eagles, Cavan



Glynn Barntown, Wexford



Greenhills, Dublin



Limekiln, Dublin



Michael Glaveys, Roscommon



Na Fianna, Dublin



Naomh Croan, Roscommon



Seán Connolly’s, Longford



Sporting Limerick, Limerick



The Heath, Laois



Athenry, Galway



Ballybrown, Limerick



Bunbrosna, Westmeath



Cáirde, Carlow



Clonbroney, Longford



Easkey, Sligo



Emo, Laois



Fenagh, Carlow



Monaleen, Limerick



Skryne, Meath



The Harps, Laois




Proposed by:_________________________

Seconded by:__________________________



In order that the proceedings of Congress are carried out without delay, the following standing orders will be observed.


1. The proposer of a resolution or an amendment thereto may speak for no more than five minutes.


2. A delegate speaking to a resolution or an amendment must not exceed three minutes.


3. The proposer of a resolution or amendment may speak a second time for up to three minutes before a vote is taken, but no other delegate may speak a second time to the same resolution or amendment.


4. The Chairperson at any time he or she considers a matter has been sufficiently discussed can call on the proposer to reply and when that has been given, a vote must be taken.


5. A delegate may, with the consent of the Chairperson, move “that the question be now put”, after which, when the proposer has spoken, a vote must be taken.


6. Standing orders will not be suspended for the purpose of discussing any matter not on the Agenda, except by the consent of a majority equal to two thirds of those present and entitled to vote.

Proposed by: ___________                    Seconded by:_____






Events started at 2.15pm.

Joe O’Donogue welcomed everyone to the AGM. Special welcome to our two guests Mel Clarke & John Greene.

Apologies: Roscommon Gaels

Standing orders: Read

Proposed by: Michael Sheahan

Seconded by: Áine Dunne


Affiliated Units: 28

Ard Comhairle: 12


Minutes A.G.M 2016

Proposed by: Christy Hughes

Seconded by: Caroline Winters


Secretary’s Report:

Proposed by: Kevin Maher

Seconded by: Dympna Reilly

Read out by the Secretary Alice Clarke

Matters Arising, none.

Games Secretary Report:

Proposed by: Kevin Maher

Seconded by: Nicola Clarke

Take as read

Matters Arising: None


P.R.O. Report

Taken as read

Proposed by: Caroline Winters

Seconded by: Kevin Maher

Matters Arising: None

Chris was highly complimented on his report from all in the room. He has done a great job throughout the year promoting our game.


Feile Report:

Taken as read.

Proposed by: Michael Sheahan

Seconded by: Peggy Cheevers

Matters Arising: Michael Sheahan stated Feile was a wonderful day and a great competition, well done to all.


Development Report: Taken as read.

Proposed by: Seán Hughes

Seconded by: Liam Haverty

Matters Arising: Joe O’Donoghue stated that Easkey Rounders were involved in a t.v. programme, it was a good day for Easkey Rounders.


Treasurer’s  Report:

Read by Treasurer Kevin Maher.

Proposed by: Peggy Cheevers

Seconded by: Áine Dunne

Matters Arising: Kevin explained expenses under some headings trying to get Croke Park to align expenses to match our headings for expenses.

Mairéad Varley questioned the expenses about the 500 wooden bats purchased. Who requested the order, was it Ard Comhairle and was it decided at a meeting?

Michael Geoghegan asked where are these bats gone? 

Answered: Given out to new clubs and development.

Maiéad Varley:  Who supplied bats?

John Thorpe, who was appointed by GAA, Croke Park

M.V: Very expensive investment

Myles Murphy: Plan to improve new bats as re. Constitution New Rule on bats.


Presidents Address:

Taken as read

Proposed by: Peggy Cheevers

Seconded by: Áine Dunne



Elected as tellers:

Peggy Cheevers, Peter Lyons



Joe O’Donoghue

Michael Dowling—Elected

Christy Hughes

Christy Hughes withdrew his name

Vote: Michael Dowling - 28

Joe O’Donoghue - 12

Michael thanked everyone that voted for him. He hoped  to bring the game to a bigger audience and promote it wherever he goes throughout his three year term.


Vice President:

Seán Hughes - Elected

Kevin Maher - Withdrawn

Michael Slevin

Kevin withdrew his name

Vote: Sean Hughes - 28

             Michael Slevin - 12



Alice Clarke - Withdrawn

Áine Dunne– Elected

Alice withdrew her name and wishes Áine all the best in her new position.


Assistant (Games) Secretary:

Aine Dunne

Danielle Keane

No election.



Ronan Gately - Withdrawn

Kevin Maher - Elected

Kevin stated more work needed with Croke Park.



Chris Hughes– Elected


Coaching Officer:

Pat Barnaville– Elected


Leinster: (Ordinary Member)

Liam Haverty– Elected

Dwayne Keane

Vote: Liam Haverty-30

Dwayne Keane-10



Caroline Winters– Elected



Seán Hughes

Ronan Kiernan

No election.



Michael Sheahan– Elected


That Constitutional Rule7(i) Should be amended to read “Completed forms must be returned by each Cub Secretary not later than the 31st Jan of the coming season.

Christy Hughes: Clubs needed more time to get their AffilIiations & Registration in order for the coming season. Question asked as to why they have to be in by this dat.

J. O’Donoghue TG4 needed to have this information, if we were to be included in their programme for 2018.

The meeting agreed to change the date to be 15th Jan. 2018.

Proposed by: Christy Hughes

Seconded by: Niamh Haverty

Next for discussion were motions from The Heath and Erne Eaglees. Motion 1 & 2 (The Heath) Motion 1 (Erne Eagles).

A lengthy discussion followed with the following noted

I.C.: Con agree with certain parts of this Motion in it’s current form.

C.H.: We have use the wording “where possible the use of Irish manufactured goods” as it is in the GAA Constitution.

J.K.: As there are two more motions similar, can we try to amalgamate them, rather than talk about them individually.

D.R.: Is the option there for clubs to withdraw them motions, so wee can go ahead with the one.

Meeting agreed, show of hands– passed.

M.S: We should adjourn the meeting for ten minutes and agree on one motion. Without taking sides, this motion is very narrow and discriminative against wooden bats, while the other two are wider, we could look at changing the Constitution to look at the three motion.

J.G: We don’t have that choice, we are governed by that rule and until the GAA widen that rule we are obliged to abide by it. We gave the clubs breathing space during 2017 to adjust to this rule.

M.C: Following on from John, I was heavily involved along with John in putting this Constitution in place. John had to convince the Management Committee to allow Rounders clubs to use aluminum bats during 2017 and to give them time to adjust. Looking at the Motions in front of him, I don’t see any of them being passed by Management as they are not Motions. Don’t see any point in discussing this further.

D.R: We are all here today to participate at the Rounders A.G.M. I understand your points being made but the clubs have a right to put their views forward for discussion whatever the outcome.

K.M: Aluminum bats are a different piece of equipment to that of a wooden bat.

J.K: We are all here to promote Rounders, Hurling and Football is a different game to ours. Many suppliers for these games and their equipment, football boots sourced outside of Ireland. Quality and variety of wooden bats is not good, one supplier. Not one player I have spoken to this year is looking to playing with wooden bats. We need to educate people about our game and the equipment we play with.

N.C: You can’t our game to that of Hurling, who use a wooden hurl. We use aluminum bats in our game. It was mentioned that this Motion was discriminate, if one of these Motions is passed , you won’t be allowed use your American wooden bats.

C.H: Aluminum bats are a huge part of our game, you don’t get the same sound from a wooden bat. It’s the proper tool for our game, why can’t we source it elsewhere?

M.V: Can we not make a presentation to Central Council and work together to get it solved.

J.G: The GAA did not put this rule ( Irish Manufactured) to go againt GAA Rounders, it’s a general rule for all, if Rounders come in with changes to this rule others will follow and then we have total erosion of this rule (Supporting Irish Manufactured Goods)

M.V: We want to buy Irish manufactured goods but aluminum bats are not available in Ireland, why can’t we source outside, until such time they are available here.

N.C: I think you don’t quite understand the difference between an aluminum and wooden bats, they are not the same, different types of equipment, the choice should be given to players to use both. Players are frustrated and on a female point of view wooden bats are heavier and you get vibration up your arm from them. There are health & safety issues also. You need to start listening to players, get us involved and we’ll show you the difference the types of equipment.

S.H: This is a huge change to our game as wee know it. Take a vote & let the new committee along with John and Mel come to a conclusion that all parties are happy with.

J.O’D: If the meeting want to, the Motion can be passed, it will then go to the Management Committee to make the decision.

M.C: There is only one Motion that is a Motion and that is The Heath Motion (i) that can go forward.

A.C: Can we do what Mel suggests and put this Motion forward, it will give us time to make a presentation from GAA Rounders, to go to Central Council.

C.H: To move matters along Limekiln withdraw their Motion in favor of The Heath Motion but would like to amend it to 2021 instead of 2019        .

A.C: Would that be considered by Central Council

M.C: No

N.C: Would going with one year be most likely to get it passed rather than three years.

K.M: We didn't get time to look at this during 2017 but Ard Comhairle would work tirelessly to get it done during 2018.

M.C: Both John and I, will give our respective committee the reason we are recommending the change is that Ard Comhairle GAA have given an undertaking to review as issues in relation to this change e.g bats availability, health and safety and be in discussion with Central Council well in advance of next years A.G.M

D.R: Erne Eagles formally withdraw their Motion.

Motion: Only Irish Manufactured bats approved by Central Council shall be permitted to be used in the course of all official competition (operative from 1st January 2019.

Proposed by: James Kavanagh

Seconded by: Myles Murphy

Passed by all.

Meeting concluded.


Proposed by:________________    Seconded by: _________________.


TUARASCÁIL AN RÚNAÍ (Secretary’s Report)

2018 was a very successful year in Rounders which I was honoured to be part of. Competitions in all categories took place and we are immensely proud of this. The year began with the Interprovincial Competition taking place in Athlone RSC with all 4 provinces taking part, it was a great opener to the season and will be the opener to our 2019 season also.

The Senior Championship began in March, there was an increase in the number of teams participating in each category, therefore there was a need for clubs to be split into two groups, this seemed to have worked well and it cut down on the traveling which can be a deterrent for teams for a number of reasons.

A sincere thanks to my fellow Ard Comhairle members Michael Dowling, Peter Lyons, Louise Darcy, Kevin Maher, Chris Hughes, Pat Barnaville, Michael Sheahan, Carloine Winters, Liam Haverty, Joe O’Donoghue, and Seán Hughes who unfortunately had to step down due to other commitments, Seán has a wealth of knowledge to offer to Rounders and we hope to see him return in the future. While we may have role titles, these roles go well beyond that when it comes to organising competitions and events. It was my first year taking on the role of Secretary and while it was challenging, I had immense support from Ard Comhairle members, also from our previous secretary Alice Clarke who was always at hand to answer any of my questions but a special thanks to our President Michael Dowling who has certainly fulfilled his role , it was a pleasure to work alongside him.

We received some feedback from clubs over the season, these were taken on board and I hope we can only improve our Competitions going forward with these in mind.

Gerry McGovern was our Liaison Officer for this year and we certainly felt he was in our corner, thanks to Gerry for all his support throughout the year.

A number of Senior games were held at Leo Casey Park, Longford, the home grounds of Seán Connolly’s, we couldn't have asked for better hosts, many thanks to them for all the catering and facilities they provided to our members. Also, to Ballinagore who provided the venue for our Coaching and Referee Courses. Lastly, to our own Ard Comhairle members Chris and  Liam who hosted the Minor and Junior Tournament in Tymon Park.

Rounders seems to be growing over the past few years and I’m hopeful this upward spiral will continue for many years to come, we wouldn't be here without our members and clubs. It was a pleasure dealing with all the clubs and their secretaries over the season.

We lost Dympna Reilly who was a big personality in Rounders and former Ard Comhairle member, at the beginning of the season. Erne Eagles did her proud throughout the Championship and I’m sure taking home the winners title in a truly hard fought final was a moment they will always treasure.

Congratulations to all participants in the competitions and well done to the winners, hopefully you all return next season along with many. more.

Finally, Joe O’Donoghue who has been involved in Rounders over the past 35 years informed us of his retirement after this season. Joe has dedicated a huge part of his life to Rounders, a sport he is passionate about. He will be missed, we thank him for all his work over the years.

Áine Dunne


The year 2018 for the ever growing sport of rounders was very successfully.  This season saw an increase in numbers across all age groups: juvenile, minor, junior and senior.  This increase is a reflection of the hard work put in by clubs, trainers, mentors, players and those positively promoting the game.  Well done to all the teams that took part this season and congratulations to those who brought All-Ireland titles back to their clubs.   

This was the first year that the Ladies and Mixed Championship was divided into two groups.  It is hoped that the Mens Championship will also take this step in years to come.  With this division came quarter-finals, which added a further highly competitive day to our calendar.  The junior and minor championship also saw an increase in numbers.  Going forward I think that more games should be organised for these teams to make their competition more competitive.

The effective running of the championship lay in the organisation of the game weeks, set dates and allocation of teams and venues.  The set dates without doubt are paramount to the success of this year’s fixtures.   A special word of recognition to our PRO for his hard-work in this regard and a thank you for reducing the stress levels of my job.  This was my first year in this role and I would like to thank my fellow members of the Ard Comhairle for welcoming and supporting me throughout the year. 

Within my remit I had to assign referees to games and ensure that games were played within their game week.  My interactions, big or small, with clubs during this season were very positive and I would sincerely like to thank you all for this.   To all referees who saw my name appear on their emails account and responded promptly thankyou.  We are lacking a sufficient amount of referees which increases the pressure on those willing to referee.  Your dedication to the game, changing of times and venues, travelling short and long distances to ref games was then and will be very much appreciated in the future.  A referees job is never easy and is often more difficult without umpires.  Thank you to those who gave their time to umpire this season.

Going forward I would like to an increase in the number of referees available to the organisation.  Along with that I think it is vital that all referees are consistent in their delivery.  A session whereby referees come together to discuss issues and scenarios would be a positive addition to the beginning of the season.

Finally a huge thank you to all that I had dealings with this season.  Your cooperation, understanding, flexibly and kind words made by year as assistant secretary enjoyable.  

This was made possible by the co-operation, understanding and flexibility of all clubs. 

Louise Darcy.

Proposed by: _______________  Seconded by: _________________



Feile began with the U/13 Girls & Boys taking place in The Heath GAA Club on the 4th June. There was great feedback from clubs on how well this competition was run, this was mainly due to Kevin Maher and  Michael Dowling and many more members from The Heath. 

It was our 2nd year in the John West Féile Na nGael, this year it was held in GAA C.O.E. Ballyhaunis, Mayo. Girls and Boys teams took part, while overall it was successful, there were some tweaks with this competition that could be changed for next year as in the timing of games and also more games for teams. Many thanks to Joe O’Donoghue for being the coordinator from Rounders along with Connacht Feile Committee for organizing this event.

Our last Féile of 2018 was a weekend event held in UL,Limerick. U/15 Girls & Boys on Sat 25th and the U/14 & U/16 Mixed Competitions on the 26th Aug in UL, Limerick. Some clubs stayed over which hasn't taken place for many years in Rounders. The competitors had a a great weekend making many new memories and friends. This venue has great facilities and full credit to Michael Sheahan for organizing this event, it’s no easy feat. We are aware that some tweaks also could be made to improve this competition for next year. A massive thanks to all the referees and umpires who so graciously gave up their time, we are so appreciative to them as we are fully aware this can mean giving up family time or other commitments. Also to those who marked pitches and helped out in any way on these days and to those who lent the venues and for the use of their grounds also.

Proposed by;____________ Seconded by: ______________



The 2018 year didn’t start the way we would have hoped with the sad news of the sudden passing of our dear friend Dympna, however I know she is smiling about how much our sport grew this season, especially with all of her club mates taking to the field again. Something Dympna and I spoke about after last year’s AGM, was her goal to get Erne Eagles competing in all three senior competitions again.

Our first competitive outing was the Interprovincial, after trialling it at the end of last season, I was glad my suggestion to have it as our curtain opener was successful and all four provinces took part for the first time in over a decade, this set the tone for the whole season. We had record breaking numbers across the board in all competitions. I was grateful Ard Comhairle trusted me to make a format to accommodate our growing senior competitions, which I hope most clubs saw as a success. However I am aware there is always room for improvement, especially as our sport grows and I am hopeful in two-three years we will have two separate divisions in all senior codes.

249 games of Rounders took place across 18 competitions ran by our national body, this is the first time in four years all 18 were played for, eleven of which crowned first time champions. This can only mean good things for our sport. We also had 13 first time All Stars recipients this year, which was fantastic to see. I would like to congratulate last year’s committee for putting the work in, getting affiliations for 2018 up, but also a massive well done to this year’s national body for running most of those competitions smoothly, especially the Under 13 Feile, that was outstandingly organised. I can only hope the 2019 season reaps the rewards for all the work we have done this year. I would also like to congratulate Michael on a successful first year as President.

This year I spent most of my time trying to promote Rounders, our Facebook page grew by 726 followers this season, which is up on the 600 we got last year, the total tally is at 2,587. Hopefully this reaches 4,000 by next year’s AGM, but this can’t happen without our dedicated members, who like and share our post, helping to spread Rounders across the country and in some cases the world. I ask you all to keep doing this! Facebook is by far our strongest social media outlet, with twitter in a distant second. Just before the Inters I set up four provincial pages. Caroline Winters, Peter Lyons, Kate Duggan, Deirdre Cantillon & Maggie Brady have contributed to the running of, by posting any relevant information happening in their provinces, I thank them for this. If you have a genuine interest in joining one of these to help promote our game, feel free to ask. We also joined Instagram during the finals’ week. I have no doubt that when the 2019 season begins Instagram will take a life of its own.

I did small write ups that were included in the GAA, Handball & Camogie All Ireland Final Programmes. Our All Stars recipients were published in the September GAA monthly newsletter, which is emailed to all GAA Clubs across Ireland. The GAA also promoted our senior finals on their social media accounts for the first time ever, hopefully this can continue and help to get the word of Rounders to a bigger audience. I would like to thank all clubs that helped promote Rounders locally.  A special mention has to go to Jamie Dowling, who got a match/Feile report nearly every week into his local newspaper.

I also did three programmes for our Semis, Finals and All Stars, these are mainly done as keep sake, and it’s something I wish I had from previous years that my club could look back on, so I hope clubs appreciate them. I would also like to thank all club secretaries that had to put up with me emailing constantly for the information needed to make the booklets.

The website was a lot easier to handle this time round. I tried to post results and standings as quickly as I could, if I was slacking there were one or two clubs who let me know and for that I thank them. I continued doing game week write ups, which I hope was a bit of light reading for some, but I can only base these on information that is passed on to me, I apologise to clubs and players that might not get the recognition they deserve. I set up an archive header on the website, that I’m hoping all write ups and results can be moved into as the new season begins, it’s nice to have these memory’s to look back on. Unfortunately we never got around to fixing the Gallery section of the website. Maybe the incoming committee can prioritise this for 2019.

I would like to thank Michael and the rest of the committee for taking on board my suggestion to award Peadar with a Contribution of Service Award, a man that thoroughly deserves it, and so fitting for it to happen 60 years after he revived Rounders.

I hope to see all clubs back next season, hopefully along with some new and returning clubs. I ask that all clubs try to add at least one extra team into any of our competitions. I enjoyed my role as PRO this year, and hope I was of benefit to the organisation and kept everyone up to date throughout the season. I would like to wish the incoming committee the best of luck & every success for the future.

Chris Hughes

Proposed by: _______________ Seconded by: ________________



2018 saw more people than ever playing competitive rounders. New teams to rounders this year were Barntown Gaels & Adamstown (Wexford) competing in Senior Ladies,, Sporting Limerick (Limerick), St. Croans (Roscommon)  and Seán Connolly’s in Mixed  and  Men’s also making a welcome return to the Men’s  was Erne Eagles. Whilst, for some players they were making a return to rounders after an absence of many years, for other players it was their first chance to experience playing in the Championship. Well done to all and we look forward to seeing you compete again next season.

After making a welcome return at the end of last season our curtain-raiser to the 2018 season in March was the interprovincial tournament in Athlone, with all 4 Provinces represented. This gave players a chance to sharpen their skills in preparation for the Championship ahead. Leinster and Connacht made the final 2, with Leinster the eventual victor in a tense but friendly battle, setting the standard for the rest of the season.

June 16h was the highlight this year for our juvenile players with the John West Feile na nGael in  Mayo. Emo, Laois were successful in both the Boys and Girls U/14. Other Feile competitions this year included tournaments for both boys and girls U/13 & U/15, for Mixed teams at U/14 & U/16.

Once again Croke Park was the setting in August for our annual Rounders exhibition. As a GAA sport this provides rounders the opportunity to reach a wider community and encourage people to become interested in the game. Both Senior and Juvenile teams took to the field and showcased our game in all its glory. Many home runs were scored to the cheering crowd by both seniors and juveniles alike.

Coaching and Refereeing was the focus for development during the season. As rounders grows and the game becomes more competitive it is essential that our coaches and referees are qualified to the highest possible standard, which is in keeping with the GAA family. During the year, 10 participants completed the Coaching and 4 completed the Referees course. Thank you to Phillip Keane for overseeing the review process and delivering the courses.

During 2018 Rounders received over 70 inquiries from all over Ireland and some from abroad. Many, were from people looking to start a team and for coaching. Pat Barnaville, Coaching Officer held over 45 coaching sessions to a mix of schools and organisations up and down the country.  Well done Pat!

As we head towards the 2019 season we will continue to develop rounders as the number one sport to be playing. We aim to increase the number of people participating in rounders by providing more opportunities to play, especially at Juvenile level.

Finally, a big thank you to Committee members Michael Dowling (Chairperson), Pat Barnaville (Coaching Officer), Michael Sheahan, Phillip Keane, Christy Hughes and Alice Clarke. Their dedication, commitment and contribution throughout the year means that our sport develops with the aim that our rounders community continues to grow. All Committee members are volunteers who give up their time for a game they are passionate about. Long may they continue.

Caroline Winters                   


Proposed by: ____________ Seconded by: _______________________

TUARASCÁIL AN gCISTEOIR (Treasurer’s Report)                                                                              

I  would like to congratulate all Clubs and officials on a very successful year 2018. Thank you for your assistance throughout the year which made my role much easier.

Some key financial points below while full accounts are being prepared by Croke Park:

Club Affiliations:€1,410                            Entry Fees:€4,465                             Payer Registration: €2,090                           Referee Fees: €3,670

To achieve cost savings I reviewed our suppliers and was able to get better value in switching our medal/award supplier and our pitch marking paint supplier prior to the senior All Ireland semi finals. Where possible, Committee meetings were held in midway venues and Ard Comhairle meetings were alternated between Croke Park and Portlaoise to minimise expenses.

As all competitions took place this year there was increased spending on medals and awards. Some older shields were replaced and new ones for the Interprovincial and Junior competitions were acquired.

The All Star event in the Green Isle Hotel in September was very successful with 121 people attending on the night. There were no fund raising raffle tickets in advance of the event this year as was the case in the last couple of years. Instead we held a raffle on the night which raised €650 and covered the cost of the award recipient’s tickets for the event. We also made an appreciation of service award to Peadar on the night.

I can address any questions once the full financial report is available from Croke Park. This should be available for distribution at the AGM.

Kevin Maher

Proposed by: ____________________  Seconded by: ________________________



2018 was a year of progress for GAA Rounders l am delighted to report.

Participation levels in all our competitions were up. There was a great sense of achievement with the game of Rounders slowly spreading it’s wings. There is a lot of goodwill out there towards our game and we need to nurture that goodwill to bring our game forward to new heights.

 Our playing season started at the end of March with the interprovincial in Athlone and concluded with the youth U14 & U16 competitions in Limerick at the end of August. In between there was a lot of playing action over what is effectively a 5 month playing season. We struggled a bit at times to have enough personnel to run events smoothly. While our adult players are reasonably well accommodated for with games. The same cannot be said about our underage structure at present. We need to provide more games to keep our youth players interested. That is a challenge for GAA Rounders going forward especially with so many other sports competing for our youth’s attention.

  As l look back at our year there are a lot of people to thank. A great many people give freely and selflessly their time, to promote the great game of Rounders. I’d like to thank Croke Park for the financial support, the use of the venue for meetings and our exhibition game. I’d like to thank Gerry McGovern, our Liaison Officer with Croke Park for all his advice and support.

The Ard Comhairle members for their time and support at our monthly meetings and the various events we run. I’d like to thank the clubs around the country who accommodated our games throughout the year.

The Development and CCC committees for their time and effort during the year.

I’d like to thank our PRO Chris Hughes, our Treasurer Kevin Maher, our games secretary Louise Clarke and especially our National Secretary Áine Dunne for the Trojan work she got through this year.

To our Past President Joe O’Donoghue l’d like to wish a very happy retirement and to thank Joe for all his work for Rounders.

 Finally to the clubs and the many Rounders enthusiasts there is,  a buladh bos mòr for your participation this year, for without there would be no game.


Is mise le meas,

Michael Dowling.


POSITION:                                 NOMINEES:

Leas Uachtarán:

Peter Lyons, Athenry (elected)



Áine Dunne, Clonaslee (withdrawn)

Alice Clarke, Baagenasltown (withdrawn)


Leas Rúnai

Louise Darcy, Bagenalstown (withdrawn)

Áine Dunne, Clonaslee (withdrawn)


Kevin Maher, The Heath (elected)


Oifigeach Caidrimh Phoili:

Chris Hughes, Limekiln (elected)


Oifig Traenáil:

Pat Barnaville, The Heath (elected)



Liam Haverty, Limekiln (withdrawn)

Aoife Boyle, The Heath (withdrawn)

Iain Cheyne, Seán Connolly’s

Alice Clarke, Bagenalstown (withdrawn)

Áine Dunne, Clonaslee (elected)



Maura Tarmey, Naomh Croan (withdrawn)

Katie Kenny, Breaffy (elected)

Caroline Winters, Naomh Croan (withdrawn)



Michael Sheahan, S. Limerick (elected)



Darryl Dolan (withdrawn)




Position                            Name                                           No.

President  Michael Dowling                  10(10)  

Vice President Peter Lyons         3(3)

Secretary Áine Dunne       9(10)

Ass./Games Secretary Louise Darcy       6(10)

Treasurer Kevin Maher     10(10)

P.R.O. Chris Hughes     10(10)

Coaching Officer Pat Barnaville     10(10)

Leinster Liam Haverty       7 (10)

Connacht Caroline Winters       8(10)

Munster Michael  Sheahan       9(10)

Ulster Ronan Kiernan (removed)    0(10)

Member Joe O’Donoghue       8(10)

Children’s Officer Mairéad Varley         7(9)



Ard Comhairle:

1. An amendment of the Rounders Constitution to delete 33a which reads as follows: 


33. (a) Only Irish manufactured Bats, approved by Central Council, shall be permitted to be used in the course of all official Competitions. (passed)


2. Amend the Rounders Constitution to remove the word “present” from rule 30, which reads as follows:


30. At Adult level a team shall consist of nine players. However where it is demonstrated to the satisfaction of a member of the Competitions Control Committee present that a team or teams is/are unable to field nine players in any particular game such team or teams may commence and complete a game with the available number of players (which shall be not less than seven and not more than nine) with the result of the game standing as if both teams had fielded nine players each. The decision of the Competitions Control Committee on the result of the game shall be final. At Youth level, the constitution of a team shall be as determined from time to time by way of Motion to the Annual General Meeting of Ard Comhairle in the interests of the promotion of Rounders at youth level. (passed)




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